A Guideline Of Maintaining The Grandfalls Pressure Washer

The Grandfalls pressure washer is one of the best cleaning equipment for your home or business. But, without proper maintenance, it can easily damage. Thus, you must learn the maintenance process before or after you shop for it. Below is a simple guide on maintaining the pressure washer.

1. Check the Grandfalls pressure washer for oil and fuel leaks

Before you start using the device, check whether there are any fuel or oil leaks. Any leaks present means that you need to repair the machine. Ensure to check for any sign of drips on the frame, pump’s underside, and fuel lines. Also, make sure that there is no fuel residue or excess oil in the engine. If you find leakage, take the machine to a repair center for effective inspection and repair.

2. Check your spray gun for signs of cracks

Ensure to check whether the hose and spray gun have any signs of cracks. If there are cracks, the gun may not hold the hose securely. Cracking may also limit the efficiency of your machine. Also, ensure to press the trigger to confirm whether the spring back works well. If there are any issues with the gun, replace it.

3. Confirm whether the nozzle has debris

Use a paper clip to check whether there is any debris. If there is some debris, use a nozzle cleaner to remove it. Then, rinse the nozzle by flushing it with water. Debris may limit how effective your machine works.

4. Check the fluid levels of the Grandfalls pressure washer

Routine fluid check is a necessary Grandfalls pressure washer maintenance process. You should always ensure that the fuel tank is full after every use. The main purpose of a full tank is to keep air out. Also, make sure to refill the oil when it is low.

5. Clean the detergent system after use

The pressure washer’s detergent system should always be clean. You can clean it by rinsing out any detergent present. Use a low pressure to run water through the detergent system for about one minute. The low pressure will ensure that the system is very clean.

6. Remove excess water from the Grandfalls pressure washer

After you are done with the cleaning process, clear off any excess water. First, disconnect the high-pressure hose, wand extension, spray gun, and garden hose. Then drain any excess water present. Water build-up can lead to corrosion and mineral build-ups. Thus, make sure not to clear out any excess water.

7. Lubricate the machine’s connection

Lubrication is an essential maintenance process. It ensures that all parts work efficiently. Thus ensure to lubricate the wand extension, spray gun and hose.

8. Relieve the machine’s pressure after use

First, turn off the water supply and pressure washer. Then, direct the spray gun to a location away from animals and people and run it till there is no water flow. Afterward, let the machine cool down.


The Grandfalls pressure washer is an incredible piece of equipment to own. If you take care of it well, you will be guaranteed its durability. Therefore, the above steps will guide you on the right before and after use maintenance process.